• White Is White
    What is white?
    Well, literally, white is a “color without color” ,
    a colorless color that comprises all frequencies of light of the visible spectrum.
    Alright. But what does that mean?
    White is the most common color in nature.
    It is the color of sunlight, of snow, of clouds.
    The color of milk, chalk and limestone.
    It is prevalent and associated with purity, cleanliness, light.
    With honesty and innocence. Many connect it to peace and calmness.

    So is it a surprise that white interiors are so popular, so classic?
    No. It’s just our pellucid attempt to bring peace and tranquility,
    light and cleanliness to our homes.
  • Kitchen Table With Stools T767
    Small kitchen functionality at its best.
    This smart and compact dining unit is
    delivered in a charming, efficient package.
    Wood construction, semi gloss painted finish
    and antique brass hardware complete the look.
  • Small Buffet With Basket Set B181
    Charm does come in small packages!
    This scaled down buffet maintains all
    the visual elements of our classic buffet
    with included rattan baskets,
    but offers more versatility in limited spaces.
    Picture it tucked away in a corner with a favorite lamp.
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